What to do when your family feels he is not good enough for you

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Parents and loved ones always seem to put a damper on our love life. When you feel that you have finally found the love of your life, the problem now becomes getting your family to accept your guy and see how charming he really is. Sometimes, it can be tough to get them to see what you see in your guy. Sometimes, in their well-meaning attempt to make sure that you get the best, they encroach into your private life ‘ where you ought to be the sole decision maker.

I am sure you have had the experience of introducing your date to members of your family and afterward, had your parents, brothers and sisters gather around you to give you their opinion on the guy.

Sometimes these opinions may be just what you want to hear, but sometimes you are saddened and disappointed, when they tell you that they don’t like your new guy. If your guy is truly a lover, someone that is making you happy, there are ways you can get your family to know him better and see him for who he is.

Start by inviting him home for dinner with your family. Be sure he wears something that you are certain will impress your folks. He doesn’t have to wear formal attire. He can be casual. You know the kinds of clothing that will impress your folks. If they are not into tattoos, it may not be a good idea for your guy to rub his tattoo-covered arm in their face. A long sleeve shirt may be a good idea, at least until they get to know who he really is on the inside. It is quite easy to have a negative opinion of someone based on his outward appearance. If your folks are not into tattoos, they may put him in the ‘Bad-biker’ category, when in reality he is just a cuddly teddy.

Moments like this need to be handled with the utmost care. It is hard enough that he will be meeting your family, who will undoubtedly assess him from head to toe to ascertain his suitability for their lovely little angel. Parents sometimes have a hard time understanding that you are old enough to take care of yourself, or that you have already been doing that for quite a long time now. No matter how old you are, they still think you are their little princess, and they feel obligated to protect from the bad boys of the world.

Before you invite your new beau over for dinner, tell your folks ahead of time to relax and make your guy feel at home. Let them know that you are watching their every move to make sure they do not ruin the moment for you, or embarrass you by asking your guy questions you have not even discussed with him. You know – questions like, ‘So when are you getting engaged to my daughter?’ or, ‘You have to have a good job, if you want to marry my daughter.’ This line of questioning will certainly make both you and your guy feel very uncomfortable.

When the day finally arrives, everyone has been properly introduced, and you have gathered at the dinner table to eat, start your conversation by sharing those things that endear your guy to you. If he has a special skill or talent you think will impress your folks, share it with them. If he is an excellent artist, a great athlete, a brilliant student or professor, let your family members know his great qualities.

Be sure to keep things light and funny. Always strive to make comments that put him in a good light. The picture you paint of him will largely determine whether or not your family members will change their opinion of him. You hold the key to your parents accepting your guy. You simply have to know how and when to use this key intelligently.

Once dinner is done, and your guy goes home, he should call your folks to thank them for a wonderful dinner, and also to let them know that he thoroughly enjoyed meeting them.

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Author: Steve Ubah – Smartwomansguide.com

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Click Fraud – Threatening the Internet Economy


One of the most popular forms of Internet advertising is pay-per-click (PPC). Merchants place ads with search engines like Google or MSN and the ad appears whenever someone enters a relevant search.

If the ad is clicked the merchant pays a fee ‘ anywhere from 5 cents to $100. It’s a fabulous idea ‘ ad campaigns targeted at your most likely customers.

It’s such a fabulous idea that Google, the king of PPC, grossed $1.24 billion in the first 3 months of this year ‘ most of it from advertising revenue.

Watch out, though. There’s trouble in PPC land. The flip side to PPC is a phenomenon called ‘click fraud’ or ‘click spam.’

There are two types of click fraud. The first type occurs when someone maliciously clicks on your PPC ad to drive up your advertising costs. It could be a competitor or a disgruntled former employee.

The second type of fraud involves clicking on affiliate ads to generate income. Affiliate ads are placed on third party web sites and each time someone clicks on an affiliate ad the web site owner receives a commission.

Industry observers believe that affiliate click fraud is the biggest problem of the two. Either way, the result is the same ‘ advertising budget depletion with little gain for the merchant.

Either type of click fraud can be accomplished with the use of automated ‘robots’ or by hiring an army of workers. The India Times reported in 2004 that a ‘growing number of housewives, college graduates, and even working professionals across metropolitan cities are rushing to click paid Internet ads to make $100 to $200 per month.’

How serious is the problem? It’s hard to judge exactly, but click fraud is commonly estimated at 20% to 35% of all PPC ad campaigns.

A recently launched lawsuit alleges that Google is aware of the magnitude of click fraud and does not do enough to alert advertisers of the problem.

The class action suit launched by Click Defence says that “Google has an inherent conflict of interest in preventing click fraud since it derives the same amount of income from each fraudulent click as it does from each legitimate click.” The $10 million lawsuit quotes Google Chief Financial Officer George Reyes as saying that click fraud is ‘the biggest threat to the Internet economy.’

Click Defense is a Colorado company specializing in click fraud detection. They claim that they themselves became a victim of click fraud when they advertised with Google’s Adwords program this year.

They are seeking damages for breach of contract, negligence, unjust enrichment, and unfair business practices.

A Google spokesman said that the case is unmerited and that Google will defend itself ‘vigorously.’

About the author: Copyright 2005 by Ross MacIver

This article may be redistributed freely on the Internet or in ezines as long as the resource box and hyperlinks remain intact.

Ross MacIver is the director of Best Online Content. We provide quality content for your web site and offer a full range of design and SEO services.

Author: Ross MacIver

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Planning on Doing Some International Travel Over the Holidays?

Self Improvement

[shudder]. No really, a little EQ – managing the attitude, and using the ole noggin’ can make it almost pleasant!

1. Pack your patience and your Emotional Intelligence.

Turn down the emotions, turn up the forethought. Example – research your destination on the Internet prior for websites where individuals (not paid interests) can tell you what you can ^anticipate^.

2. Pre-arrange everything you possibly can ‘ air, hotel, car, restaurant, attractions, plays. 3. Make copies of your passport, traveler’s checques, credit cards, itinerary, and airline tickets.

Carry one copy with you and leave one copy with your designated emergency-contact.

4. Carry with you the address and phone number of your country’s embassy (consulate) for each country you’ll visit.

5. Take any regular medication in your hand luggage and be sure you have more than enough for your trip. (Remember needles and scissors can’t be in hand luggage.)

6. Check the US State Dept. advisories, www.travelstate.gov, before your go for immunizations, hazards and other pertinent information; the Overseas Security Advisory Council, www.ds-osac.org, and the Transportation Security Administration site, www.tsatraveltips.us.

7. You’ll know you’ll be waiting, so use your EQ and figure out how to make it A Good Thing.

· Use e-ticket and online checkin when you can. · Bring along that book you’ve been meaning to read · Bring a pre-paid phone call and catch up with buddies · Bring a neck pillow and plan to catch up on your rest · Dress appropriately for sitting or lying around an airport for a long time ‘ loose clothing that can be abused

8. Use your neocortex when you pack, not your brain-stem. (You KNOW the rules, abide by them! Exorcize from the brain-stem another time, another place.)

· Pack carry-ons lightly so they can be checked more easily · Check the checked baggage allowance and be sure your name and contact details are on the outside of each bag · Avoid packing anything that looks like a weapon (guide ‘ anything you wouldn’t give a toddler free access to ‘ nail file, letter opener, knitting needle, and the more obvious hand grenades) · When traveling to and from North America, TSA recommends not locking checked baggage · Check here www.tsa.dot.gov for common items which become hazardous in flight due to temperature changes and pressure, and don’t pack them.

9. Be sure you have a valid passport and any required Visas and be prepared to show them at any point along the way.

10. Know the rules of security checkpoints and abide by them.

· Only ticketed passengers can proceed beyond it · All electronic items will be screened ‘ laptops and cells. Remove laptop from travel case. · Keep ticket and boarding pass and ID within easy reach ‘ like on neck chain · Wear shoes easy to remove and as little jewelry as possible

P.S. Here’s a tip from a seasoned traveler. You KNOW you’re going to be buying things, and possibly taking home gifts, so pack some clothes that are ready for Goodwill and that you can deposit in another country’s “Goodwill” to leave space in your bags for the return trip.

About the author: ©Susan Dunn, MA, cEQc, The EQ Coach, http://www.susandunn.cc, sdunn@susandunn.cc . Would you like to be an EQ coach? We offer training and certification, long distance, no residency requirement. Rigorous programme plus products available for licensing that will prepare you to launch your practice in this fast-growing new field. http://www.eqcoach.net .Email us for FREE eZine, mor info.

Author: Susan Dunn, The EQ Coach

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Family ties

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You’ve finally found someone who has everything. A great sense of humor. An unassailable dominance at board games. A commitment to raising Jewish children. And a mother named Christina.

Dating a Jew isn’t always a way to avoid the “December Dilemma,” especially when your newfound love has converted to Judaism. Christmas is often the dealbreaker for Christians considering conversion, and even those who’ve abandoned the holiday usually have relatives who can’t comprehend their decision. Many imagine they’ll reenter the fold, escorted by a desirable man or woman who can’t imagine giving up Christmas (i.e., not you.)

Know this. Respect this. And ask your mate how to handle it. You may find yourself drinking eggnog during your first holiday together: so long as you’re comfortable with it, go right ahead. The key is to find a compromise that supports and strengthens your new relationship without undermining your identity or beliefs.

While you may be disappointed that you won’t have another grandmother’s matzoh ball soup to taste test, having a non-Jewish extended family can be a good thing (especially if you like grandma’s eggnog). You have the chance to share your culture and traditions with people who may never have been exposed to them. Remember, dating is all about new opportunities.

About the author: Hanna Miller writes for Jewish Dating 247.com – If you are single and looking for love then this is the site for you. Articles, Reviews and Links to the best sites on the Internet and the DrDating Forum – a forum for people looking for help in love, relationships and dating.

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Concreteness of Spirituality

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The Concreteness of Spirituality

Individuals in America today carry greater burdens in their hearts than they do on their backs. Alienation or love, aloneness or brotherhood, indifference or compassion, emptiness or purpose, pride or humility, judgment or mercy – these contradictory qualities depict the unavoidable spiritual decisions each individual must face in every concrete situation and in every moment of their lives. Whether rich or poor, socially placed or displaced, educated or uneducated – whether Caucasian, Afro-American, Hispanic, Asian or Native America – each person must struggle along an inescapable yet perplexing path in order to come to terms with these transcendent and universal challenges.

Ironically, it is the very universality of this struggle, which serves to remind us that spiritual qualities constitute the very substance of every thought we consider, every action we undertake, and every relationship we establish. Too often we forget how greatly it matters whether our thoughts, actions, and relationships are suffused with alienation or love’. indifference or compassion’. judgment or mercy. And yet, it is the dialectical clash of these destructive and perfecting qualities that shapes our lives and impacts the lives of whomever we encounter.

A display of personal indifference, for instance, will not only sour one’s own life, but it can easily cause radical and enduring disruption in the lives of others. And, when the dynamics of alienation gain the ascendancy and begin to ripple throughout society, they will easily develop momentum to unleash a collective intensity that will quickly fragment and distort the moral fabric of an entire nation, the integrity of its most fundamental institutions, and the ‘living dynamics’ of its society.

For this reason, what desperately needs healing in America today is not just this or that individual or this or that group. Nor is it even this or that institution o this or that value. In fact, it is not even this or that family or this or that community. No. It is the very soul of America itself – whose life has become suffused with an ethos of alienation – that cries out most loudly to be healed.

And so, in response to that call, we must all be mindful that an affliction of the spirit can never be healed through institutional reform. Nor can it be healed by a simple reaffirmation of traditional values and virtue. Even a nationwide effort to restore civil society will not suffice. America’s national predicament is simply too profound for such perfunctory solutions. Legitimacy in our social, institutional, and moral life can only be restored by a collective process of healing spiritual alienation. And, as we embark upon that journey, each of us, and all together, must be willing to extend the gift of self to others through simple acts of love, compassion, understanding, and mercy, and to do so without any conditions or expectation whatsoever.


Gerald L. Campbell

See more at www.garaldlcampbell.com

About the author: Gerald L. Campbell served as senior staff to Members of the U.S. House of Representatives for nine years. He became Senior Advisor to the Director of the United States Information Agency (USIA) under President Ronald Reagan and President George Bush.

Campbell went on to serve the administration of President George Bush and later, he served Texas Governor Bush as Senior Advisor to the Commissioner of Health at the Texas Department of Health in Austin.

Author: Gerald L. Campbell

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Humanity’s Team is Leading the Way to New Spirituality


Humanity’s Team is a growing body of individuals who have formed a Civil Rights Movement for the Soul. It is the vehicle, which uplifts and inspires people as it brings in New Spirituality and the Energy of Oneness to the World. Humanity’s Team is expanding our belief system about God and about life, the changing of which could change everything. Humanity’s Team is using the Five Steps to Peace to bring this change about: PERMIT ourselves to acknowledge that some of our old beliefs about God and about Life are no longer working. EXPLORE the possibility that there is something we do not understand about God and life, the understanding of which could change everything. ANNOUNCE that we are willing for new understandings of God and Life to now be brought forth, understanding that could produce a new way of life on this planet. COURAGEOUSLY examine these new understanding and, if they align with our personal inner truth and knowing, enlarge our belief system to include them. EXPRESS our lives as a demonstration of our highest beliefs, rather than as a denial of them.

Humanity’s Team is creating ‘Celebrations of Life’ meeting all over the World.

The Celebrations of Life meetings start with a 30-minute lecture on a New Spirituality topic of that group’s choosing. Then, there would be a 30-minute Heart Circle. These are designed to get people out of their minds and into their hearts, with a small group who resonate & trust.

Then, 30 minutes of spiritual entertainment, which could include a drumming circle, dancing or, other forms of spiritual entertainment – it’s limited, really, only by our imaginations.

These could be created for a certain day each week, and people all across the world would know that wherever they travel…where they pause to rest and renew our spirit…Humanity’s Team is there…and await One Another in Love & Oneness. Read some of the comments made by Teammates of Humanity’s Team: B – My life has changed in that I have embodied and lived the new spirituality. For me this means I now see myself as a powerful woman and someone who will stand up for what she believes in and not be afraid to pursue it. P – For me, it has been an amazing experience to connect with people who are thinking the same thoughts, living the same life that I envision to live. There is no explanation necessary – just immediate connection, understanding and support. Feels like coming home! – HT is an amazing group of people. With members from 90 countries you feel that you are connected to the whole world – that’s what life is about. – HT helped me grow into the person I really want to be. It encourages you and helps guide you along your spirit path. R – The inspiration I got from ‘Conversations with God’ books by Neale Donald Walsch’s message led me to take steps… To find out how I could serve, how could I move to action and being a living expression of these wonderful messages in my daily life. I was delighted when I first knew about Humanity’s Team. It was about action, it was about creating a space for New Spirituality to emerge in the world. I immediately felt I wanted to contribute to the movement.

About the author: Humanity’s Team’s message can be life changing from a fear-based society to one coming from the heart and from love and oneness. If you would like to join Humanity’s Team visit the website at http://www.humanitysteam.org We especially need your help at this time and if you could help by making a financial contribution visit: http://www.humanitysteam.org/contribute.html This is a very important time in human development; your

Author: George Lockett

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Education and Outsourcing, 2 Ways to Improve your Business.


Develop your skills and talents to perfection and outsource what you lack. If you have a talent for writing, become the perfect salesletterwriter and if you don’t know how to build a web site let an expert do that for you. By using education and outsourcing all tasks in your business are done well and you stay ahead of your competitors.

1. Your Objective and Strategy

If you organize your business you formulate an objective and develop a strategy to reach that objective. You also define the tools that you need to make the strategy work. Like sales letters, budgets, investment in hardware and software, education has to be an integral part of your tool box. When you have the whole picture ready you have a very good idea what skills and abilities you need to bring the journey to a good end. But there is another thing.

2. Changes

We live in a time of rapid changes. Everything around us changes in an incredible speed and it effects us all. There is also an effect on the way we are doing business. New views on economics, technical changes, new and very fast ways of communication through the virtual highway…it all asks for an attitude of anticipation and a refreshment of knowledge, skills and abilities. You must prepare yourself in time for the future. If you don’t, you lose because your competitors do and try to take your share of the market.

3. Talents

Everybody has talents. One has a talent for languages and is an excellent copy writer, another has a creative talent and is a very good web designer. Your talents make you good in one task and less suitable for others. You should constantly evaluate yourself; which task is done well and which task needs improvement. However the problem is that with the growing complexity of your business you can’t do everything equally well. And to be successful every aspect of your business has to be outstanding.

4. Two Lessons

There is something funny about people. What they don’t have they will never get. A lack of talent for mathematics can never be compensated by studying hard. It will always be a weak point. On the other hand, they can improve their real talents into perfection. This holds two lessons for you and these lessons are:

1. Never try to learn something for which you don’t have a talent. It takes a lot of time and money to only understand the basics. Time and money can be better used. E.g. for talking with an expert in the field you try and cannot master. This is called outsourcing. Outsourcing to others what they do more efficiently is a successful management strategy and not a sign of weakness. 2. Develop your talents into perfection. Never stop improving yourself in the things you are really good at. Become an expert in what suits you. Education is the only way to improve the knowledge of your own intellectual capital

The bottomline of this article is that you should be well aware of your talents as well as of your limitations when developing your business or anticipating changes. You should always be prepared to act efficiently. Educate yourself to the highest level possible, or outsource tasks.

Copyright 2003 Joop Liefaard. Please feel free to pass this article on to your friends, or use it in your ezine or newsletter. It’s a shareware article.

About the author: Joop Liefaard uses his experience as a human resources manager to help small business owners to better organize themselves and their enterprises. Visit his website at http://www.ezine-with-a-plus.com, for information about “best-rated” home business opportunities, effective tools and honest support. Here you grab a FREE subscription to his Ezine-with-a-plus Business Tips Newsletter.

Author: Joop Liefaard

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Work at home dads V work at home moms……


The term work at home mom or ‘WAHM’ is widely known for sure but ‘work at home dads?’ Hmmm are they notknown as the entrepreneurs?

Whatever it is the ladies really call ‘working at home dads’ working at home whether as mom or a dad is a full time job and the Internet is open to all of us regardless of our sex, age, location, race or any other obstacle that our minds see fit to throw at us.

Working online is the only true marketing medium that levels the playing the field by so much so that huge success and everything that goes with it can and should be achieved by those who are willing to put in the time and the effort. I have been working on-line for 6 years and I have had the pleasure of watching my daughter grow up from a bouncing baby girl to a happy 7 year old with personality and I would never ever change it.

The Internet can allow you this freedom to choose what you want to do and when you want to do it. These are not just some motivational words THIS IS REAL’ Actually ‘doing’ something to get things rolling to start a home-based business is the first essential step… sounds easy right? But how many people who read the books, buy the marketing materials and go to the conferences…..actually go out and do it after spending $1000`s of precious dollars. Believe me that over 93% of these people do absolutely nothing, zilch, zero, squat, nothing at all!! What a pure waste of money’..but even better is the gap in the marketplace that they leave for those people who do want to it’.

So just what does it actually take to start a home based business and be successful working from home? Many different factors make this up and no one thing is attributable but here are a few pointers to make you think, they are in no particular order but are all equally important.

1# Dedication To See Through Any Task 2# Commitment 3# Perseverance 4# Faith 5# Have A Clear Plan Of What You Want To Achieve ( Be Realistic) 6# Spend Quality Time With Family 7# Set Up A Daily Or Weekly Task Schedule That You Will Stick Too 8# Promote Your Business Everyday In Some Form 9# Learn About Your Market 10# Don’t Give Up 11# Organise And Prioritize Your time

These pointers will give you some idea of what is needed to start your own home based business and to be successful on-line. But listen to this there are NO SECRET OR MAGIC FORMULAS to it at all. What you put into it YOU WILL get back out of it. Remember that everything that you do to promote your business will have some sort of an effect, EVERYTHING!! It is these build up of daily action plans/tasks and the ongoing promotions that will put your site on to auto pilot when it is established. It will take time and effort on your part to do it but it can and it is being done by many smart work at home dads and work at moms. It works FOR ALL no exceptions’

About the author: Lawrence Pryor has been working on-line since 1999 and is the Managing Director of www.Advent-Marketing.com. Lawrence is also the co Author of “Achieve Extreme Success” A booked dedicated on how to explode your profits on-line. www.1-working-from-home.com

Author: Lawrence Pryor

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State-of-the-Art Street Motorcycle Accessories


It is risky to trust just any motorcycle accessories. This is the reason why we have to be vigilant in choosing high-quality accessories to ensure security and protection.

Every rider has his or her own different tastes when it comes to motorcycle accessories and the level of comfort needed. Most of the rider’s preferences depend on their gender, age and the type of terrain or road they are into every single day. Some wanted flashy colors while some solid colors. A certain rider may be in need of maximum comfort and protection while others may be needing moderate. Perhaps, the reason behind this is fragility, susceptibility to accidents and the likes. It is important that these needs are answered so as not to preempt an accident or a turbulent incident.

Street motorcycles are heavy and fast motorcycles which are intended to be used for smooth surfaces. When you are out there rocking the road with these kinds of motorcycles, safety is a must. To keep you away from any untoward incident and accident, be equipped with the right street motorcycle accessories. Street motorcycle accessories can save your road performance!

Street motorcycle accessories have come a long way since its inception. More and more options are made available to riders. In fact, individual differences and preferences are no longer considered a drawback because a wide-variety of options is laid down in stores.

Street motorcycle accessories include cruiser grips accessories, exhausts, motorcycle sunglasses, open face helmets accessories, socks, boots, jackets, light bars, freeway bars, graphic kits, plastics, radiator braces, seat covers and skid plates for its body. In connection to its tires, there are tire irons, tire repair kits, tire flat prevention and tubes to ensure full support of the street motorcycle. Spirited industry led to the improvement of motorcycle accessories motorcycle accessories to cater to the biker’s choice and to extend different designs like the ameritex fork bags, bikepack, ameritex round utility bag, tourbag/backpack/ssb and the ameritex tool bags.

Going fast and in control is what makes riders feel ecstatic and powerful. In fact, riding with state-of-the-art motorcycle accessories gives an air of confidence. This experience can be very thrilling and fun. But this experience will not materialize has the street motorcycle accessories been inexistent to give the riders the protection and comfort they needed. These accessories are the reason why lots of riders feel comfortable even in their most bumpy ride.

Now, outdoors no matter how rough or smooth the road is can turn into a fun-filled adventure and style with today’s modern street motorcycle accessories!

About the author: For additional information and comments about the article you may log on to http://www.streetmotorcycleaccessories.com

Author: Maricon Williams

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Internet Business – How to Make Real Money


We all are in search of the silver bullet that will put our business on autopilot and the only thing we have to do is to cash the checks. Aren’t you looking for this as well? Isn’t this the reason why you’re actually reading all these articles, including this one? You’re hoping to find the one tool, the surefire method, the hidden trick or the magic system that will make your dreams come true.

Once again I have to disappoint you. There is no such thing as a silver bullet that will magically run your business while you sit back and relax. If there would be one, why is everybody trying to sell you the next big thing or the breakthrough that will make you rich and you won’t need to chase the magic system anymore?

Are you as confused as I am? You bet. Without clear definition of exactly what you are trying to do, there will be no answers. What does rich mean to you? What exactly will the next big thing solve for you? It sure means something different to you than it does to me. The only thing we all have in common is that we all strive to achieve our personal financial freedom.

Sorry for getting off topic here. You still want to know how to make real money with an Internet business, don’t you? Instead of repeating marketing material over and over again I will tell you how I make real money with my Internet business.

First, you need a product and a website to sell your product. I’m a member of several clubs that offer new tools and books with master resale rights every month. This means that I can sell these products and keep 100% of the profit. I also have full control over the sales letter. This is very important. You set the price and you can add any bonus material you want to. You also need somebody to process the credit card payments. My choices are PayPal and 2Checkout.

Ok, now you have a killer sales web site and you’re ready for business. Unfortunately nobody knows that you’re open for business and the spider nets are starting to grow on your front door. What you need is traffic. Lot’s of it. After experimenting with all kind of traffic exchange programs I can honestly say, they don’t work. You need something more powerful.

This is exactly what I do every time I create a new web site for e new product I’m promoting. I put an ad on the major pay-per-click engines like Google, Oveture, 7search and FindWhat. This gives my business a jump start.

Next I create doorway pages for the new web site and promote them to the search engines through a blog. Search engines will index your pages much faster when you have a link to them from a blog. Never submit your sales web site directly to any search engines. You will get much higher rankings if they find you.

I also make sure that I place an unblockable popup window on every doorway page to sign up for my newsletter. This way I capture at least the email addresses of my visitors. Also several Google AdSense windows will give me a little kick back.

To make it even more profitable, on the thank you page for the newsletter subscription I give away free stuff with lots of references to other web sites of mine and I make the subscriber aware that the real good stuff to download is hidden in an email. If they gave me a fake email just to download the free software it won’t work. But at least they download the free promo material. My stats showing me that this is working. I always make sure that the free stuff I’m giving away has viral marketing built in. It needs to reproduce itself without any intervention from my part.

This doesn’t look like a lot, but after setting up over 10 sales web sites the system is gaining momentum. After a while I will drop the pay-per-click advertising and the system supports itself with enough visitors to make a profit.

Ok, you’re absolutely right. This is a lot of work. However, do the math. Let’s say you create a new sales web site every month. After 6 months you break even with the initial setup cost and the startup pay-per-click costs. After that you’re making net profits. Let’s also say you’re making $200 a month in profits. Not much, but realistic. After just one year you have 12 sales web sites up and running and they produce $2400 a month in profits. Would you walk away from a business like this? Hell no.

Bottom line if you want to get rich quick you need to go to Vegas. If you want to start a serious Internet business you might want to follow my strategy. This works for me, chances are that it will work for you too. If you really want to push this system to the limits simply create an affiliate program on top of it and your profits will go through the roof.


Peter Dobler

© 2005

About the author: Peter Dobler is an active real estate investor and a successful internet entrepreneur. See viral marketing in action at http://www.peterdobler.com

Author: Peter Dobler

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